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Choose an emotion!


a happy bee    Peace out     Cool    winking at you    an angel!    PARTY !!

Lght-hearted   Super Cute today    Waka Waka       LOL      ROFLMAO 

a superstar     Singing    Delighted      w00t     LOLing




Muahahaha      Smug     OOK OOK ah ah     eh?      Ninja-like shhhh!

ZZZzzzz    sideways     just thuggin       meh       OOPs!     Crunch mode

Sooo sad     Sad puppy    Blue Blue       Sad Person CryingWeepy      Feelin' Gossipy     OMG!!   

GRRrrrr       Hysterically Laughing ROFL    Hand Clapping Good For YOU   Animated EmoticonYou did WHAT ?    Im An Idiot Beating Myself Up

SO OVER IT     Freaking out       Sweatin it out     Ignoring YOU       WHATthe ....?

Bruised & Battered     Mischievous    ZOMG         Feelin white and nerdy  Crying  

So Tired      SOoo Friggin' Sleepy        hungry        Praying for you

Keeping mum    Your NOT hearing it from ME !     Not gonna say      LOSER  


Gonna GET you      furious       frustrated and mad     embarassed     Dazed & Numb


Sooo Confused   Gettin my Bling on     kaCHING!      Like whoa!    Saying NO   


cool        NOT a happy camper  partying      recruited      Feelin Cheesy



Mooning Kiss My Ass      Sleeping  So Friggin BORED       Sick Smiley Scratching And Itching Chicken Pox Itchin     Bored Smiley Falling Asleep  Sleepy    

 Farting Cutting the Cheese         Tired Smiley Drinking Coffee Need Coffee          Confused Huh ?




Feel like Shit      Snufflin      Gonna blow chunks   Feelin dead today




Feelin Randy   Lookin for a kiss      Patrollin for Booty!          Hot And Sweating Smiley  Hot & Bothered

feeling romantic     SCORE !     Who's my little Piggy ?  

adored      smoochy smoochy     in love     flirting 







sunny and cute     green and cute     turqoise and cute     pink and cute
 a pound cat     Ball of cuteness     violet and cute       pouty
Lost & Scared    paying attention   CRAZY    Worried    My Head is Spinnin
Pouty     an angry kitty     not happy     Saying NO     Emphatic
Pissy     NOT happenin     WE are NOT amused     happy     blushing
Totally in love     cute and happy     Chillin with friends     chill
I'm the top cat     All over the place     wide awake     wide awake
UP!      contemplative      telling you to run      at home     energetic








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