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  Vacations are supposed to be stress-free getaways ... UNTIL Alfreda decided to merely "assist" a stray Arubian dog outside the airport on March 1st 2008, so weak it wouldn't get up.


To make a loooong story short ... This dog is now a contented resident of Weymouth Massachusetts, recovering from a full blown case of heartworm, staph infections and assorted nasty viruses.


We thought all was well ... until she surprised us suddenly with 6 additional "stowaways" on April 8th.

Below you may select different videos by clicking the "Playlist" tab, or click the "Play Button for all


*Warning The "Puppy Birth" video is graphic.


Female "Mimi-Me Honey colored & White Belly

Boy Brown/Black/White

Female Brown/Black/White

Female Brown/Black/White

Boy Honey/Brown






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